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Pine Ridge Sauces

Pine Ridge Sauces are a line of craft barbecue and dipping sauces made in small batches in Wyoming. Perfect for grilling, dipping and serving alongside your favorite meals.

I often say that sauces are considered to be in their own food group around our house, and it is no exaggeration. If you’ve ever read the About Miss page, you’ll know that we used to own our own sauce company back before the days of food blogging.

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Pine Ridge Sauces: Jalapeno Barbecue, Barbecue and Sweet Mustard.

The Backstory Behind Pine Ridge Sauces

In the early 2000’s we were living on a ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming where we started our own sauce company. The most popular products were Barbecue and Dipping Sauce, Jalapeño Barbecue and Dipping Sauce and Sweet Mustard Sauce.

The sauces found a decent level of success with people from all over the country and we loved connecting with people over delicious food.

Between life on the ranch and raising 3 boys, the sauce business got to be more than we could take care of. We were thrilled when Eli and Barb, our long time customers, who owned a store front and catering business, agreed to take on the business.

Eli reached out to us a while back to partner up and let our readers know that Pine Ridge Sauces are available to be delivered right to your front door.

Our original barbecue and dipping sauces are still being made in small batches by their family in Casper, Wyoming and we couldn’t be more proud.

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Award Winning Barbecue Sauces

Eli and Barb of Pine Ridge Sauces have grown the business beyond our expectations and have won so many awards.

  • Pine Ridge Jalapeno Barbecue Sauce was voted 1st Place for Best Tomato Sauce in the 2019 American Royal: World Series of Barbecue Sauce Contest.
  • Pine Ridge Sweet Mustard Sauce was voted 1st place for Best Mustard Sauce in the American Royal: World Series Barbecue Sauce Contest for mustard. It also placed #1 for Sweet Mustard Category from the World-Wide Mustard Competition at the National Mustard Museum. Now it’s up for the Grand Champion Mustard in 2023.

Pine Ridge Barbecue and Dipping Sauce was also featured in the book The Taste of America, by Colman Andrews. The book was profiled by The Wall Street Journal and the article specifically mentions Pine Ridge Barbecue and Dipping Sauce. I have to say that was a pretty cool moment for all of us.

Pine Ridge Sauces gift box.

Order Pine Ridge Sauces

Pine Ridge Sauces are available in several size bottles and even in gallon size. The gift sets makes great gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or for a hostess gift.

👉 Pine Ridge Barbecue and Dipping Sauce (Regular)

👉 Pine Ridge Sweet Mustard Sauce

👉 Gift Sets

There are also quite a few retail locations where you’ll find Pine Ridge Sauces.

Recipes to Make with Pine Ridge Sauces

Pouring bbq sauce on ribs.

BBQ Ribs are great for summer cookouts and the most requested meal for our backyard barbecues. Slow smoked baby back ribs slathered in the original Pine Ridge Barbecue and Dipping Sauce is guaranteed to please the crowd.

We also love it on bbq burgers, bbq chicken, bbq pork chops and it’s the very best for dipping french fries.

Mustard Pork Chop on a plate with fries.

Grilled Mustard Pork Chops are tender, juicy and so flavorful topped with Pine Ridge Sweet Mustard Sauce. This mustard is like no other that you’ve tried.

It’s great for making deviled eggs, potato salad, on burgers, sandwiches and so good for dipping chicken strips.

Jalapeno BBQ Grilled pork chop on a plate.

Jalapeno Pork Chops are another weeknight favorite. Grilled pork chops with Pine Ridge Jalapeno Barbecue and Dipping Sauce for a sweet and spicy pork chop dinner that everyone will love.

Jalapeno Barbecue and Dipping Sauce is “Just Hot Enough”. It is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with chunks of real jalapenos in every bite.

This sauce is perfect for grilling everything from burgers to chicken and pork. It makes amazing pulled pork sandwiches. I’ve heard customers say they eat it on everything but ice cream!

Our sons were really nostalgic for these sauces and they are still a family favorite. Many folks describe them as addictive and we really can’t deny it!

If you like trying craft BBQ sauces, order Pine Ridge Sauces today and try them out, you will be glad you did.

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