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Fried Tortellini

Fried Tortellini is the perfect party appetizer recipe. Bites of crispy, crunchy pasta filled with cheese and even better when dipped in classic marinara.  

Fried Tortellini Recipe from Miss in the Kitchen

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Fried Tortellini has been on my list to make for ages and now you must add it to yours. Pasta is always a favorite for dinner and I love to keep frozen tortellini on hand for quick meals like my Easy Cheese Tortellini with Meat Sauce or Chicken & Mushroom Tortellini Bake.  

Fried Tortellini Appetizer Recipe from MissintheKitchen

I didn’t think tortellini could get any better until I rolled it into bread crumbs and deep fried it. It was a huge hit with everyone.  

We dipped them in marinara sauce and a few of the kids loved them dipped in ranch dressing.

Fried Tortellini might be too good, it was hard not to eat them one right after another. I expected that they would be the tastiest right out of the oil.

Fried Tortellini Appetizer Recipe from MissintheKitchen.com

Actually they are fried really quick and don’t absorb too much oil. They were good at room temperature and stayed crisp,  making them perfect for an appetizer table.

I made these one evening before the kids were headed out, even their friends were lingering at the bar for just a few more bites.

I’m telling you, they are irresistible and something new to add to the menu for family game night or just hanging out watching movies.

Fried Tortellini Recipe a family favorite for game night get togethers. From MissintheKitchen.com

When I was younger I loved hosting parties with tons of people, these days I mostly just enjoy the family being here for dinner. It seems our schedules are never the same two weeks in a row, but we always seem to get together once or twice a week.

Recipe for Fried Tortellini from MissintheKitchen.com

No one told me how hard it would be when the kids became adults. I’m still looking for a book called Parenting Adult Children for Dummies.

I love when we are all together and good food is usually at the center. I’m just glad that they are still close to home and we can have dinner often.

These fried tortellini will definitely be on the regular rotation, they are too good to miss out on.  I hope you try them soon!

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This Fried Tortellini Recipe also appears on Food Fanatic where I am a contributor for all things fried!



  1. I really like cooking. I usually collects recipes and try to do them for my small family. children enjoy eating fry dishes ha ha. thanks for sharing

  2. Like Roberta, I was wondering if anyone has tried air frying these. I’m not opposed to frying in the oil, mind you, but just curious. Thanks for a great idea!

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