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Oven Fried Tater Tots

These Oven Fried Tater Tots are the perfect side dish for sandwiches, burgers, fish and more! They are loaded with flavor and are better than any restaurant version!


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Oven Fried Tater Tots Recipe from MissintheKitchen

Oven Fried Tater Tots

I could easily become a fast food junkie, I think it’s probably in my best interest that Sonic is not just around the corner from our house.  

It is perfectly handy to stop by when we head into town for groceries and banking.  A Route- 44 Strawberry Limeade, a giant cheeseburger and tater tots are my favorites.  

Oven Fried Tater Tots

Those darn tater tots are highly addicting.  I’ve been making a fantastic version at home that I like even better.  They are oven fried and so easy!  

Recipe for Oven Fried Tater Tots from MissinthKitchen.com

Bacon is a staple at our house, we don’t eat it every day or even every week, but at least a couple of times a month.  I save my bacon drippings religiously.

Please don’t tell me that you are not in the habit of it. Throwing out bacon drippings is a terrible waste in my book!  I simply pour the drippings into a big mason jar and keep it in the fridge.

 What does bacon drippings have to do with tater tots?  Well it’s the secret ingredient to these oven fried tater tots.  They are sure to wow your tastebuds with flavor.  

Sheet Pan of Oven Fried Tater Tots from MissintheKitchen.com

I just add the bacon drippings to a sheet pan and let it melt while the oven preheats.  I toss the tater tots with the melted bacon drippings and then give it a sprinkle of season salt.  

They bake – or oven fry at a high temperature. I flip them over about halfway through cooking.  They come out so crunchy and so delicious.  

If you have an air fryer, try these Air Fryer Tater Tots, they are so crispy and delicious. 

Oven Fried Tater Tots ~ MissintheKitchen

A few weeks back the boys brought home some huge catfish and we had everyone over for a fish fry.  My deep fryer was going strong on the porch frying fish and I had these tater tots going in the oven.

It was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Brings me back to the days of our family’s restaurant. Tater tots make a great side dish for burgers, catfish and even my Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches.   









This Oven Fried Tater Tots Recipe also appears on Food Fanatic where I contribute all things fried.



  1. this isn’t the recipe, it’s the instructions on the packet with a substitution. It doesn’t actually tell me how to MAKE the tater tots. Deceptive.

    1. Article states “OVEN FRIED TATER TOTS”. This is oven fried tater tots. Get a clue and learn how to better search what you are looking for. “OVEN FRIED TATER TOTS from scratch or home made” would be a start. Time to get a clue, Les.

    2. Good God almighty! Lady, get a freaking grip! Deceptive??? Because you can’t read?? So you give this food blogger 1 star because of YOUR idiocy? Learn how to do a proper Google search. This is top three of the most ridiculous “reviews” I’ve ever read. Imagine spending time out of your day to write this. What a freaking joke.

  2. Everyone in the review section is extremely rude – it’s a shame.

    Yes it may be ONE additional thing that isn’t on the back of the tater tot bag – but it could be useful to someone…

    Get a grip, y’all… it was posted for everyone to see… so everyone is entitled to their own opinion of said recipe.

    I would also like to say I have tried actual recipes from this creator ( that aren’t just one ingredient added & back of bag directions), and, they are delicious.

    Give her a shot for christ sake. 🤦‍♀️

    Don’t let this ONE post stop you from trying her other recipes.

    Do better, and have the day you deserve!

      1. Of course!

        I read the reviews and was blown away at how rude people can be! As if this world isn’t difficult enough!!

        I wish you luck on your recipe posts, and also, don’t ever be discouraged because of people like that!

        Unhappy people tend to try to make happy people unhappy!!


  3. I’m one of the dumber readers, but also tend to overthink things. Therefore, I would have loved a short (fast forward type) video to eliminate all doubts on how to do this well. 😀

  4. Hi. For mother’s Day contribution with family will make your recipe for tater tots. I won’t have that much bacon grease, can I add melted unsalted butter to bacon grease? I’m planning on doubling your recipe. Thank you!

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