Easy Party Punch

Easy Party Punch

This week my middle son will celebrate his fourteenth birthday.  In my mind, my boys should never progress past the age of 8, but real life doesn’t quite work that way, does it?  For birthdays, holidays, and occasions like the upcoming Super Bowl I always mix up a batch of this punch.  Every one, kids and adults love it and it really couldn’t be easier.  If you are having a big crowd just double the recipe.  You can also freeze a little  of the punch in your Bundt pan to make an ice ring to keep it cool in the punch bowl.  I always save the ginger ale bottle in case there is a little left.  I pour the leftovers back into the bottle and it will still be carbonated the next day, but usually it disappears down to the last drop.

Easy Party Punch


64 fluid oz Hawaiian Punch

12 fluid oz pineapple juice, frozen (juice, not concentrate)

1 liter ginger ale


Mix together in a large pitcher or punch bowl.  That’s it, super easy!



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