TOP TEN: In the Kitchen & Giveaway

Welcome to my kitchen! I thought it would be fun to share with you the TOP TEN things I use in my kitchen, you know not counting appliances.  In fact, TOP TEN will be a regular series here, mostly for fun to share my favorite things and to include a giveaway to help you get your favorite things!  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Now let’s all pretend my kitchen is this clean and tidy all the time!

TOP TEN: In the Kitchen

1. Cast Iron Skillets: I have an array ranging from 12 inches down to 5 inches and often I am using several of them at once.  I use them every day, pretty much every time I cook.  My favorite brand of course is Lodge!




2. Le Creuset Saucier Pan: I just love this pan, at 2 1/4 qt. it is just the right size for sauces, vegetables and everything in between.  You can’t beat enameled cast iron for cooking and durability.



3. OXO Medium Cookie Scoop :  This should tell you how often I make cookies.  Well I guess you realize that already.  I use it for making cookies, meatballs, cake balls.  I don’t know how I ever lived with out one!





4. Silpat: These silicone baking mats are the best thing since sliced bread!  My Mom was nice enough to give me a couple of them.  I kept them for a really long time before I even tried them.  Now I use them every day! Nothing sticks to them so they are wonderful for baking cookies, scones, biscuits, pizza and everything in between!



5.Bamboo Spoons: I love these because they are light weight, they won’t scratch my pans, and they are just perfect for stirring anything I am cooking up!




6.Rachael Ray Nylon Spatulas: I have to admit I got these free with some office supplies and they are the best spatulas!  You know how I love free stuff and sometimes the free things are not that great, but I love these!  They are flexible and my favorite for baking cookies and frying eggs sunny side up!  They are really durable and have been through the dishwasher hundreds of times and are still great!




7. Wooden Cutting Board: This isn’t my exact wood cutting board but it is close.  I keep it on the counter all of the time for chopping up vegetables and for setting hot things on out of the oven.  I couldn’t do without it.



8. OXO Vegetable Peeler: Maybe I have told this story before, but it’s a good one, so I will tell it again! I got this OXO vegetable peeler for a wedding gift, coming up on 19 years ago, and I still have the same one.  It has peeled I would guess thousands of potatoes and is still going strong!  Now that is impressive.




9. Le Creuset Ramekins: The handiest little bowls that will go from oven to table and can even go into the freezer.  They are the perfect size for prep work, for single serving desserts and they look great no matter what you are cooking up!



10. Plastic Squeeze Bottles:These are the handiest things for cooking oils and homemade barbecue sauce and         homemade dressings.  I tend to by cooking oil by the gallon and this is much handier for dispensing without making such a mess.




Now for that giveaway I mentioned! 

THE WINNER IS : Brittany January 16, 2012 at 12:36 pm 

“There’s a difference between favorite and can’t live without…I think my favorite thing is my Pampered Chef spatulas, but I can’t live without my Wusthoff knives. :)


One lucky person will receive an Amazon $25 gift card. Use it to buy yourself something nice or for something that you need or what ever floats your boat!

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Giveaway will be open through Saturday January 21, 2012.

Disclosure: These are products that I love, I was in no way compensated for these suggestions, all opinions are my own.  I am sponsoring this giveaway.




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