Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving & Circulon’s Turkey Talk Giveaway

My ideas for a stress-free Thanksgiving and your chance to win a Circulon Roasting Pan!

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Let’s face it the holidays can be stressful.  They are meant to be a time to enjoy and appreciate our family and friends.  I hope to share some tips with you today to alleviate some of the potential stress.

Circulon ask me to join in with their Turkey Talk promotion.  Join them on facebook for extra chances to win one of the beautiful Circulon Roasting Pans plus tips, tricks and lots of Turkey Talk!

I have wanted  a roasting pan for some time.  Last year my husband crafted a roasting rack out of one of my cookie cooling racks.  It did the trick but it wasn’t ideal for a food bloggers kitchen!  True story.  On top of that I tried a new cooking method and totally blew it.   Stressful!!

With the Circulon Roasting Pan with Removable Rack, I was able to roast the most beautiful and delicious turkey that has ever come from my kitchen!  As a nice bonus, the cleanup is a snap thanks to the DuPont® Autograph® nonstick feature.  So nice!

Tips for  a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

  • Plan your meal and make a grocery list. (Don’t forget the list when you go shopping- happens to me all the time!)
  • Thaw your turkey in the fridge at least 2 days in advance.  If it’s a huge turkey, give it more time.  Trust me cooking a partially frozen turkey is not going to go well.
  • Delegate.  Let your guests help out.  Let them bring the ice, the drinks, the side dishes, desserts.  Every little bit will help.
  • Do as much of the prep work ahead of time that you can.  Many of the side dishes can be prepared and refrigerated, ready to pop in the oven.
  • Clean as you go.  Washing the dishes as you go makes them much easier to clean.  It can be overwhelming if you suddenly find yourself with a mountain of dirty dishes.
  • Take shortcuts where you can.  That can be paper plates, heat and serve dinner rolls, pre-made vegetable platters
  • Take a deep breath, don’t worry if the floor didn’t get mopped.  This is Thanksgiving Dinner not Perfect Dinner.  Enjoy the day with your family and friends because that is what will be remembered.  Not to say they won’t remember the time Missy tried to serve us raw turkey.  Not really, I just made that up.  Raw chicken, yes, that really happened.



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Now about the turkey.  The star of the show! After Thanksgiving last year, my social media was bombarded with Tom Colicchio’s turkey recipe.  I just had to try it.  It was the most beautiful, juiciest, and most delicious turkey that I’ve ever cooked.  And the GRAVY…best ever!  I don’t say that lightly, we take our gravy pretty seriously around here.

This is not a pop it in the oven and forget it recipe, but I promise it is worth the effort.  This is my go to turkey recipe.  Head on over to Serious Eats to get the recipe.

I managed to run out of fresh thyme, so I used parsley, rosemary and fresh sage for the herbs.  I also added a lemon, sliced in half.  Otherwise I followed the recipe.








Disclosure: I was provided with the pan for testing purposes and Circulon is sponsoring the giveaway.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are all my own, as always.

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