Roasted Salsa & KitchenAid 1,000 Cooks for the Cure


My husband and all of my boys are huge salsa fans.  They love it when my sister-in-law makes salsa, they love the big jars I buy at Sam’s, but they never liked my salsa.  Imagine my dismay.  Then I found this wonderful recipe and it all changed. I wanted to branch out a bit and…

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Tex-Mex Pizza

Never miss a recipe! Subscribe to my emails!  How do you feed five or more on one pound of ground beef or one pound of leftover taco meat?  Tex-Mex Pizza of course!  Homemade pizza is so delicious and your family will love it.  You know we don’t have take-out so I have learned to make…

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Easy Chicken Tacos


I have professed my love for tacos many times and yet here it is again.  These tacos were made with a new twist, I used the new Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Cream Santa Fe Blend to season the chicken.  It is good enough to eat straight from the carton, very flavorful without tasting artificial.  It reminded…

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