Salted Caramel Hazelnut Ice Cream Pie

Salted Caramel Hazelnut Ice Cream Pie from Miss in the Kitchen

Salted Caramel Hazelnut Ice Cream Pie is a super simple dessert to put together and everyone will love it! This post is sponsored by Ginny’s. My family is crazy about ice cream and even crazier about an ice cream pie.  I really should make them more often.  Ice cream pies are so simple to put…

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Blackberries and Cream Ice Cream

Blackberries and Cream Ice Cream is an easy and delicious no churn recipe from Miss in the Kitchen #ProgressiveEats

Blackberries and Cream Ice Cream is an easy, no churn recipe that everyone will love.  It is an awesome dessert for summer barbecues and get togethers.  Join me today for this month’s Progressive Eats Ice Cream Social! It’s going to be so good! Our ranch has tons of wild blackberries.   Many of the bushes…

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Bacon Mocha Milkshake


Bacon in a milkshake?  Yes!  You see there is a simple explanation for this and you can’t get around the fact that bacon makes everything better!  You will love this Bacon Mocha Milkshake! It goes like this, I made Sunday breakfast about 2:00 Sunday afternoon.  Breakfast was homemade biscuits with gravy, our favorite Petit Jean…

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Pineapple-Orange Cream Milkshakes


Pineapple-Orange Cream Milkshakes When school starts it seems like summer is officially over but I’m hanging on to the last bits of warm weather.  On a hot Sunday afternoon a milkshake is sure enough a treat.  The older boys were out enjoying the sunshine and I split a Pineapple-Orange Cream Milkshake with my little guy….

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Roasted Peaches & Honey Ice Cream


Roasted Peaches & Honey Ice Cream Two boxes of canning peaches are currently sitting in my kitchen. I haven’t really done a lot of canning so you can expect a few more peach recipes coming your way.  These peaches are Elberta peaches which are firmer and better for canning and freezing. I’ve been noticing some…

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Easy Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramel


Happy 4th of July Y’all!  I know you need some cool treats for your parties and I have the easiest chocolate ice cream for you.  I couldn’t resist adding a little dulce de leche in because chocolate and caramel are so good together. You could add anything you like to this, crushed candy bars, nuts,…

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