Nutella and Christmas Gift Ideas under $20

Nutella Frosted Cupcakes

Recently I discovered our local grocery store is now stocking Nutella.  I haven’t had Nutella in ages.  I bought a jar.  I made chocolate cupcakes and while they were warm out of the oven, I spread them with Nutella.  Yum!  Now, I thought as we head into the madness of the Christmas shopping season I could share some things that I like and maybe it will spark an idea for some of you.  While the idea of being compensated for this sounds great, of course I am not being compensated or influenced.  I just thought it would be fun and possibly helpful, and these are great gifts for under $20!!  So here we go!

Of course everyone has heard of Etsy by now.  I found these great necklaces and bought some for my nieces.  I love the whole idea of Etsy, I could spend hours looking at all of the wonderful things people make.  This necklace is from Rose Creek Cottage They come in a neat little tin and are customized to the letter you need.  Super cute!  Lots of other neat things too.  Check it out.

photo courtesy: Rose Creek Cottage

It seems like sometimes it’s hard to come up with something for the guys.  I can personally  vouch for this product and it really works.  The Thermacell.  Perfect for all outdoorsman or just plain wonderful for sitting on the porch.  It keeps mosquitoes away.  We live on the edge of a hay meadow and I know all about mosquitoes.  They get so bad, that you can’t go out without the Thermacell.  There’s no odor, no chemicals to spray, just the serenity of no mosquitoes!  These are available everywhere, like Amazon, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops and many others.

Photo courtesy: Thermacell

Monkey Benders

These are the cutest little toys, my boys have played for hours and hours with them.  Also great for someone with a desk job, something to fiddle with while on the phone.  Loved by kids and adults alike!  Available at Amazon.

Photo courtesy: Amazon

Flat Whisk.  The most used utensil in my kitchen, hands down.  I love that it will get in the edges of the pan and is the perfect whisk for every dish you cook.  A great stocking stuffer for your favorite cook.  Available at most kitchen stores or on the web at Williams-Sonoma.Photo courtesy: Williams-Sonoma

The Kaycee Cutter invented  by my husband!  It’s a safety cutter with a great many uses.  We use it for cutting twine from the hay bales while feeding cows, it’s also used on construction sites to cut plastic sheeting, housewrap, and roofing paper, it’s also great for cutting plastic banding or cloth straps and so much more.  They are available at Tractor Supply stores and on their  website or at Soda Creek and many other locations listed at the Kaycee Cutter site.  A very handy knife!  

And lastly to toot my own horn one more time,  my flour sack towels make a great gift!  Available online at Soda Creek or locally at the Kaycee General Store!  See them all on the design tab above.  Hope this was helpful!  There are still lots of great gifts out there for under $20!



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