My Kitchen: The Before


We had planned to remodel the kitchen for sometime but after a plumbing leak it was time to get it going.  Last week we removed all of the cabinets, back splashes, and the flooring.  I’m quite excited to show off the new kitchen as soon as it is ready but I thought you might like to see what it looked like before.  So here it is, my kitchen, the real deal, all of the clutter and even accented with my sons magnet toys hanging from the cabinet knob. Nice, I’m so observant when taking photos for this here blog.  You’ll notice it appears that I’m frying marshmallows for dinner.  I have no idea, but surely not.

I actually had plans of cooking without a kitchen and posting recipes, but now that I’m in the real world of the kitchen remodel that isn’t happening!  We are expanding the cabinets to include and eating bar that will be so nice for spreading out to make yummy things like cinnamon rolls and homemade pizza! I can’t wait.  We are also remodeling a couple of the bathrooms and the boys’ rooms as well.  I have to say it is exhausting work but will be well worth the effort when it’s all new!  So here are a few photos of my old kitchen and a favorite recipe from a past post.  We hope to have it all back together in the next week, so stop back by and have a look at the new digs!


Strawberry Egg Rolls


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