Grasshopper Trifle

Grasshopper Trifle

This is the easiest dessert ever!  The perfect dessert for company, or for carrying to potlucks and parties.  It goes together so quickly and has great flavors and everyone will love you for it.  If you aren’t a mint fan substitute toffee candy bars for the Grasshopper cookies and you have another winner.  It is rich and creamy with a little cookie crunch and can satisfy even the most extreme of chocolate cravings.  You know you’re gonna have to make this, just looking at it makes me drool.  Yum, yum, yummy!

Grasshopper Trifle


12 mini chocolate cup cakes or an 8 inch chocolate cake

1 box instant chocolate pudding (5.9 oz) prepared to package directions

4 cups whipped topping

25 Grasshopper cookies (thin mint chocolate cookies), crushed


You can prepare this into a trifle bowl or other large bowl or into individual servings using dessert bowls or fancy glasses.  Just use the same basic layering method.  Start with tearing the cupcakes or cake into bite size pieces and layer about a third  into bottom of dish, follow with about a third of the chocolate pudding,  a third of the whipped topping and about a third of the cookies and repeat twice.   You want your top layers to be whipped topping and cookies.  You can garnish with fresh mint leaves or more of the cookies that have been cut in half. That is if your kids don’t eat them all before you get a chance.  Not that my children would do such a thing.



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