Biscoff Hot Cocoa

Biscoff Hot Cocoa

Biscoff Hot Cocoa will warm you right up as the weather starts to cool off.  I find a big mug of cocoa to be quite relaxing, don’t you?  Lately I need quiet and relaxing because life has been anything but that!

We are very much home bodies, it is a typical trait of ranchers I suppose.  We need to be on the ranch to feed the cattle, to check the cattle, to check the water, mend the fence, and so forth.  It is just the way it is, it’s what we do.

My kids are growing up, especially my oldest and he has occasion to travel off of the ranch.  Last week he attended the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.  In case you are as bad at geography as I am, Indiana is no where close to Wyoming.  This trip required airplane travel to and from.

Now I understand everyone else in the world, but us, travels on airplanes all the time, still it makes me NERVOUS!  Add some bad weather, snow, black ice, engine problems with the plane and I am beside myself with craziness. See I need quiet and relaxing along with lots of Biscoff Hot Cocoa!

Well my son did make it back safe and sound at 4 a.m. about 4 hours late.  I was so thankful but still exhausted from worry.  He can never leave the ranch again.  I might be a little over protective of my children.

Now that I’ve explained my need for hot cocoa, let’s get down to business about the acutal Biscoff Hot Cocoa.  You are going to love this.  Have you picked up a jar or two of Biscoff Spread? Have you eaten it with a spoon straight out of the jar?  If not, run to the Walmarts or if you are so lucky to have a Trader Joe’s in range,  get some cookie spread and make this hot cocoa.  Do it!

Biscoff Hot Cocoa


  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 2 tablespoons Biscoff Spread
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup
  • mini marshmallows for garnish


Add milk, Biscoff and chocolate syrup to a glass measure and microwave 2 minutes or until heated to desired temperature.  Whisk together until all combined and pour into two small cups and garnish with marshmallows.

Yield: 2 small cups or one large cup.

*Of course you can double or triple this for the whole family.




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