50+ Game Day Bacon Recipes

50+ Game Day Bacon Recipes: Everything you need for the ultimate game day party! Pizza, sandwiches, chips and dip plus desserts!  All featuring BACON!

50+ Game Day Bacon RecipesIn my opinion the best part of the big game is the food and we all know that the best of the game day food has BACON!  So I’m celebrating my love of bacon with a round up of over 50 recipes from sandwiches, the fantastic chips and dip all the way to dessert!  So get your game on in the kitchen and whip up some of this fabulous food!

67bf1501911fa0f9079273712e35672eBacon, Jalapeño, and Tomato Pizza from Eclectic Recipes


Bacon Pimento Cheese Cups from Buns in My Oven


Buffalo Bacon Blue Dip from Cupcakes and Kale Chips


Bacon Jam Panini with Fontina and Spinach from Very Culinary


Adobo Ranch Bacon Dip from Wanna be a Country Cleaver

7289778420_81358b54ee_zBarbecue Chicken Bacon Pizza with Whole Grain Crust from Miss in the Kitchen

92db1b21307c8bc6c486ff1c7c26a1bcDrunken Irish Bacon Jam from Rhubarb and Honey

fa11ec94e965ef63473ac3ecdacd94a2Buffalo Chicken Bites from A Spicy Perspective

4b4c3e8178fb2371cba5341791101c34Bacon Ranch Guacamole from Miss in the Kitchen

28ba078f38516c5f73f1e78f273ded67Tabasco Bacon Cheddar Wings from What’s Gaby Cooking

f6703338f875b89494dafcbe972cccffBacon, Leek & Parmesan Whole Wheat Flat Bread from Rachel Cooks

6e6ba1ea7714df7395eadcd47c1b08deJalapeño  Bacon Poppers from Cravings from a Lunatic

98c5e62021485578f88077c6342756dfBacon Barbecue Mac ‘N Cheese Potato Skins! from Swirls of Flavor

4dba5b304b26631c00e3ede2ab9d672dBacon Cheeseburger Stuffed Mushrooms from Miss in the Kitchen

8627f6b61aea8c7f217d7af5f008ffa4Pesto and Bacon Pizza Appetizer from The Bitter Side of Sweet

9d3c454e423c2c386a0299cef5183d9bBacon Garlic Bread Sticks from Miss in the Kitchen

4e39ed5920f6db41b3e46f53e5ea2796Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadillas from Taste and Tell

c534ea29476e448dd58ea09c90eac227Bacon-Black Bean & Avocado Salsa from Miss in the Kitchen

5cc8744997910a93b83af2670f9094f0-1Bacon Wrapped Green Beans from Big Bear’s Wife

923a9d76e93cba4643f4cf7f2f43ed90Bacon Cheeseburger Pinwheels from Mom on Timeout

Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots from Miss in the KitchenBarbecue Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots from Miss in the Kitchen

8420e1c639cf4c5dc84a5afb420136d0Avocado Bacon Egg Rolls from Home Cooking Memories

5a3ed15939cf247beee6f2ceb5080963Bacon Tomato Basil Tarts from Miss in the Kitchen

18826dd273f6a892d2defc3065569f9cKickin’ Chicken Bites from Julie’s Eats and Treats

b87dd694c3574919c12c6de0f8272768Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Dip from Crumb Blog

efe5a197c9709610c42853e8c2135b11Roasted Garlic Bacon Dip from Girl Chef

53259fee4557839399cdb1ba5fbe6692Smoky Bacon Mushroom Dip from Crumbs and Chaos

2800c84e3841734f9959b6179f99ddd9Lobster and Bacon Cakes with Garlic Aioli from Bakeaholic Mama

65bebc9ef6e052abb4f26da986117bad-1Chili Bacon Breadsticks from Sheri Silver

7a32cc6adfebe2054417e18337a6119eSweet Pepper Poppers from Miss in the Kitchen

f3c2089d9b12d8b7f38640cdeb3aa412-2Loaded Bake Potato Dip from Persnickety Plates

3135e7c4cc5f5c1966e97e9758fc202aSouth of the Border Bacon Dip from Kailley’s Kitchen

28de12f204d825a1853ce3a6f6a37689Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts from Emily Bites

6d0a1fb474a14819046d45f07fef0b36Creamy Corn and Bacon Cheese Dip from Wine & Glue

2ca7af5c3ee7ec300f775deeb6a8c34d-1Buffalo Bacon Blue Cheese Guacamole from Lauren’s Latest

454f8bcec2d29d90a44aeb098a5d5378-1Bacon Parmesan Crackers from Miss in the Kitchen

c09598dfca6b33e5f6080d7bfde938b9-1Bacon, Leek and Cheddar Quiches from Karen’s Kitchen Stories

afe401544a567cf90038da71e48104ee-1Killer Spinach Dip from Mom’s Test Kitchen

4eb2f01a2365f539879408bb91012ea2Blue Cheese Bacon Onion Spread from Snappy Gourmet

BLT --Miss in the KitchenBLT on a Stick with Avocado Sriracha Mayo  from Miss in the Kitchen

3b387853df3066499ad687a5d6e2d9f9Bacon Wrapped Mini Sausages with Brown Sugar from Dessert Now Dinner Later

Pork Tenderloin Pimento Cheese Crostini 3Pork Tenderloin & Pimento Cheese Crostini from The Kitchen is my Playground

a92944b150242bc84768e4da7abf57b5-1Quick Bacon & Smoked Gouda Rolls from Miss in the Kitchen

e0323617fc7f7867a120e1771e496eedBeer & Bacon Glazed Pecans from Cooking on the Front Burners

bacon-smores-DSC_3378Bacon S’mores from Add a Pinch

Bacon Mocha Milkshake - Miss in the KitchenBacon Mocha Milkshake from Miss in the Kitchen

cd7e504acc2ca4ac4eebf0a2a2afcc8bBourbon Cupcakes with Buttercream & Bacon from Wonky Wonderful

62b59c1762adf83839a096d0709ed813Nestlé Crunch Bacon-Raspberry Panini  from Miss in the Kitchen

Maple-Bacon-Mini-Football-Cakes1-576x384Maple Bacon Mini Football Cakes from The Hopeless Housewife

22c42fc3f8a661c06d5f7fe439bf8ad6Browned Butter Bacon Congo Bars from Miss in the Kitchen

bacon-cookies_thumbChocolate Covered Bacon Chocolate Kiss Cookies from Doughmesstic


Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Bacon Stuffed Monkey Bread from Miss in the Kitchen




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