5 Iced Coffees easily made at home

Five of my favorite Iced Coffee treats, easily made at home. I love iced coffee to keep me going during a hectic day. Take a break and enjoy an iced coffee today!

5 Iced Coffee's easily made at home from Miss in the Kitchen

Last week was not that great.  It was one of those week’s that everything I touched went to heck.  It was the filled with interruptions, unexpected meetings, no sleep, not feeling great and it ended with one of my kids getting the flu.

An hour and a half wait to check in at the clinic, another 30 minutes to see the nurse and then another hour to see the doctor and get out of there.  Have you had a flu test? Holy moly, no thank you.

So I am starting this week with something that makes me happy – yes it’s coffee.  I love coffee and iced coffee is always a huge treat.  I know it is winter time but I still love an iced coffee in the afternoon.  There is no Starbuck’s in site and you can save a gob of money making flavored coffee at home.  I call that a win/win.

These are my five favorite iced coffees and I know you will love them too.  So here’s to a better week, healthy kids and to this week being extremely productive!

Frosty Cinnamon Mocha

Nutella Iced Coffee

Mocha Freeze

Biscoff Iced Coffee

White Chocolate-Caramel Frappuccino




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