2012 Christmas Gift Guide for Kids and Teens

Christmas is so much fun.  I love the decorating, the baking of course and finding great gifts for my family and friends!  I also realize that it can be extremely stressful.  So I am going to do a series of gift guides and maybe it will give you an idea or two for those on your list!

I have 3 boys and a nephew ranging in age from 7 to 17, plus I have 4 nieces from ages 8 to 15, so I need to find a pretty big variety of gifts.  Some of these products we have tested out personally and a few are on the list for this year.

About every other year I order most everything online.  Last year we took a trip to South Dakota for my little guy’s birthday, which is right before Christmas.  We did some shopping at Cabelas and it was still pretty stressful.

This year I will likely order most everything.  Life has been incredibly busy, it seems more than usual so I am planning to get it accomplished as easily as possible.

Let’s get started!

Boogie Board  

8.5 inch LCD Drawing Tablet.  Ideal for doodlers of any age.  I bought this for my 11 year old niece and she loved it.  I also bought a case to go with it.  It comes in a variety of colors for boys and girls and I think the teenagers would like it too.

Perplexus Maze Game 

Twist and turn the ball to move the marble through 3 different mazes.  Recommended for ages 6 to 12 but my teenagers couldn’t put it down and neither could I!  There are several different ones to choose from.  This is the one we have.  I love that it doesn’t take batteries, it’s quiet and it keeps their attention!

SofaSak Jr. from Fombag

Isn’t this the coolest kid chair ever!  Made from 100% USA foam.  The cover is washable while the inside has a child-proof zipper to hold the foam.  There are tons of fabric choices and one to fit every size kid (or adult).   We don’t have this but it is on the list for this  year!

CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit

My little guy loves this knife.  It comes in a kit so you get to build it!  It is a great way to teach outdoor kids about knife safety.  My little guy wants to be just like Dad and his older brothers and now he can carry his own pocket knife and I don’t have to worry about him loosing a finger!

Emily Elizabeth Soft Dress Up Doll from Clifford the Big Red Dog 

Little girls love dolls and this one is super fun!  The clothes come off and include buckles, snaps and a button for those little princesses to practice!  I don’t have any sweet little girls, but I bought this for a friends daughter and she seems to love it, and it’s so cute!

Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet from My Name Necklace

All girls love jewelry and this monogram silver bracelet caught my eye some time ago.  There are tons of different options with matching necklaces and pretty affordable, ideal for little girls and teenagers too!

Personalized Charm Yoga Bracelet from CICIDesigns Jewelry Etsy Shop

I like bracelets, can you tell?  I love the personalized charm and the muted tones of this bracelet.  The handcrafted items on Etsy make great gifts and I love supporting small businesses!

Adventurine & Silver Beaded Waxed Linen Bracelet form CICIDesigns Jewelry Etsy Shop

Another cool bracelet from the same Etsy shop.  I just don’t think you can go wrong with jewelry for girls!

Dangerous Hunts for XBOX and PS3

If your kids are into outdoor adventure and hunting and video games, this is pretty cool.  Not for little ones but the older kids love it. There are several different varieties, like Big Game Hunts that are fun too.

Altec Lansing Ultra Portable Speaker

Great portable speaker that runs on AAA batteries ideal for teenagers with iPods!  I bought this for my teenage son and it worked really well for being so small.

Stocking Stuffers:
Teen Girls                                                                                    Teen Boys

Electric toothbrush (I love the spin brushes)                                                     Electric toothbrush (I love the spin brushes)

Lip balm                                                                                                                         Pocket knife or multi-tool

Small jewelry like earrings                                                                                      ball cap (favorite sports team or camo)

Watch                                                                                                                              Watch

i Tunes gift cards                                                                                                          i Tunes gift cards

Hair accessories (Twist Bands are all the rage)                                                   Magic tricks

Soft, fuzzy socks                                                                                                              Gloves

Perfume or body spray                                                                                                 Cologne

Little Girls                                                                                            Little Boys

toothbrush kit                                                                                                                          toothbrush kit

stick on earrings (or regular earrings if they have pierced ears)                            toy cars or bouncy balls

hair accessories                                                                                                                        ball cap or sock hat

bubble bath & tub toys                                                                                                          bubble bath & tub toys

fuzzy socks                                                                                                                                 warm socks

slippers                                                                                                                                       slippers

crayons, washable markers                                                                                                 small puzzles

There are some great deals on Tanga, unusual gifts at Uncommon Goods, and be sure to check out all of the Etsy shops!

Feel free to leave your favorite places to shop and gift ideas if have them!



Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, I am NOT affiliated with any of the companies who make or sell the products.  I love to find great gifts and am just sharing in hopes of helping make Christmas a little less stressful.  I make no guarantees about the products.  Please read the product descriptions and make sure they are an appropriate choice for the age of the child.


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